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Welcome to The ARTners site

THANK YOU SACRAMENTO!!!  WE ARE STILL EXCITED TO BE A PART OF THE MURAL FESTIVAL CREATIVE EXPLOSION THAT JUST HAPPENED IN SACRAMENTO!!!  Wide Open Wall 916 has all  your information of what just occured but you not to late to miss it.  We'll be in produciton outside our studio in Improv Alley with creativeness streching across the entire alley wall from 7th street to 8th street until 9/1/17.




We are located in downtown Sacramento, one block away from The Golden 1 Center.  Our collaborative is active with many exciting and creative visions.  We are individual identities coming together to assist and be a part of our Sacramento ART Scene.  Our site is under current devlopment; more informational content coming your way soon.  We look forward to seeing you in person!


We know parking can be a major issue so we encourage vistors to use lightrail, rideshare services, bike cabbie, ride your own bike or walk on in during those times.  Please review calander below for the events at Golden 1 Center to assist with that choice.


G1C Calendar of Events




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