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Welcome to The ARTners site

Thank you for connecting to ARTners!!!  Here in downtown until 3/1/18!!!  


The ARTners Collaborative (Wes Kos Images/Pink Street Art) is announcing that we will be departing our downtown location this February and proceeding into NEW creative adventures at the NEW ARTners South location.  We have joined and developed a NEW exciting “ARTnership” with The Mexican American Hall of Fame Sports Association.


This NEW “ARTnership” will bring us into a speciality art arena with producing artistic creative events with a deeper purpose.  Our active goal is scholarship fund-raising for sports based high school youth going to college.


ARTners will continue with our current creative movements.  We’re still hosting gallery art shows, fun-to-do art classes and cosmic yoga but in addition we’re adding three theme mural festivals in our 2018 production schedule.


We are looking forward to seeing all those great people that supported us here in our ARTners Downtown location and joining us at one of our soon-to-be artistic events at the NEW ARTners South.


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