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Our identity was founded on the idea of being partners with art.  Assisting artists with some support in various ways, to break into the next level of opportunities.  We launched our identity beginning with art shows and art classes at "The WKi2 Studio Gallery" back in 2014.


We have grown from our original two ARTners (WesKosImages & PinkStreet Art) adding an ARTner, (Normaste Art) in 2015/16 with a connection of painting all those building murals up until the present.  In 2017, joining with a his physical artistic style bringing yoga adding to the ARTners movement (VinReady Fitness).  Opening a unique place of ART and YOGA.


As we grow, we look to further develope our mission objectives and will continue to expand in size and possibly location.  Stay connected for ARTners Events and ARTners Opportunities.


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The ARTners Collaborative


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