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Welcome to The ARTners site

Thank you for connecting to ARTners!!! 


Welcome to the website of the ARTners Collaborative aka ARTners, (in process) non profit 501 (c)(3), where creativity, culture and community is our prominence!  The ARTners Collaborative works with a collective group of Sacramento & California Artists who join us for special event projects (mural expressions) and various creative classes locally and abroad.


"ARTners.org" (new website link)


"MURAL EXPRESSIONS"  (new website link)

2019 Sacramento, we are building a museum!  Details of our project link here


2018, Sacramento South & Sacramento, WE THANK YOU!!!  Our Live Painting Mural Festivals "Un Para Dia La Madre" (Vol 1) and "Fiesta de Colores" (Vol 2) had a positive result (number) for our fundraising mission with our co-sponsor MAHFSA's (Mexican American Hall of Fame Sports Association) youth scholarship program.




"HUMANITY" Mural Production

2017 - Wide Open Walls 2017 | 2018 - ARTners Collaborative

Improv Alley, Downtown Sacramento, CA

220'x11' - 17 artists




ARTNERS Sacramento South - 2770 Fruitridge Rd, Sacramento, CA 95820

Lit ARTnes Box (Lit Dehli) - 1129 11th Street, Sacramento CA, 95814


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