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Welcome 2 ARTners

Thank you for connecting to ARTners (ARTners Collaborative)


ARTners non-profit 501 (c)(3) (in process), where creativity, culture and community is our prominence!  The ARTners connects with various collective groups involved in movements to uplift the community surroundings.  The ARTners provides creative art sevices with youth, adult and elderly groups.  We often cooridnate with Sacramento & California Artists who join our team for our creative event projects.


"MURAL EXPRESSIONS"  (website project link)

2019 & 2020 - Sacramento, join the movement, "What's Your Story?"  'Call for Artist 2' is happening now (6/1-7/15).  We're proposing on upgrading our freeway underpass and building our city's 400,000 sf WX Mural Museum!  (further details click title)


2018 - Sacramento South & Sacramento, WE THANK YOU!!!  Our Mural Festivals "Un Para Dia La Madre" (Vol 1) and "Fiesta de Colores" (Vol 2) were a success!  We raised enough proceeds for four (4) youth scholarships!!!  Co-sponsor of event and fundraiser benefactor, MAHFSA's (Mexican American Hall of Fame Sports Association) 2019 youth scholarship program.


"HUMANITY" Mural Production

2017 & 2018 - ARTners Collaborative & Wide Open Walls

Improv Alley, Downtown Sacramento, CA

320'x11' - 17 artists




ARTNERS - 2770 Fruitridge Road, Sacramento, CA 95820


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