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Welcome to The ARTners site

Thank you for connecting to ARTners!!! 


Welcome to the website of the ARTners Collaborative (Wes Kos Images / Pink Street Art), where creativity, culture and community is our prominence!  The ARTners Collaborative works with a collective group of Sacramento & California Artists who join us for special event projects and various creative classes locally and abroad.


"MURAL EXPRESSIONS"  Sacramento South & Sacramento, WE THANK YOU!!!  Our Live Painting Mural Festivals "Un Para Dia La Madre" (Vol 1) and "Fiesta de Colores" (Vol 2) had a positive result (number) for our fundraising mission with our co-sponsor MAHFSA's (Mexican American Hall of Fame Sports Association) youth scholarship program.






FURTHER DONATIONS:  gofundme.com/MuralExpressions




"HUMANITY" Mural Production

2017 - Wide Open Walls 2017 | 2018 - ARTners Collaborative

Improv Alley, Downtown Sacramento, CA

220'x11' - 17 artists




ARTNERS Sacramento South - 2770 Fruitridge Rd, Sacramento, CA 95820

Lit ARTnes Box - 1129 11th Street, Sacramento CA, 95814


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