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Our identity was founded on the ideolgy of how we connect as artists being partners as artist are with their art.  Assisting artists with some support in various ways, to break into the next level of opportunities.  We launched our identity beginning with art shows and art classes at "The WKi2 Studio Gallery" back in 2014 and renamed our creative program to "The ARTners Collaborative" in 2017.  Today, 2019 we are just The ARTners a non-profit 501(c)(3).


We have grown from our original two ARTners co-founders (WesKosImages & PinkStreet Art) developing business and personal ARTnerships along the way.  Contining our mission to creatively and positive assist with various commnities, non-profits, neighborhood associations, Sacramento and beyond artists.  We are grateful to have connected to you!




01 -- ARTners South --

2770 Friutridge Road, Sacramento, CA 95820


Creative Classes & Workshops

PAINT PARTIES Led Process | Fun 2 Do | Paint & Sip (21+) | In Studio or Mobile Operation | Custom or Client Submitted Designs of Subjects

CULTURAL DRAW – Freehand Drawing & Coloring

FIBER ARTe – Crochet | Finger Knitting | etc.

MURAL EXPRESSIONS – Spray paint teaching on Murals | Canvasses | Props


Fundraising and Outreach

ARTners has developed an 'ARTnership' with the Mexican American Hall of Fame Sports Association to fundraise creatively for Student Scholar Athletes pursuing higher education.  ARTners will host 3-5 events per year and utilizing the facility event hall bi-weekly to host our creative programs

Mural Expressions – Mural Programs (Projects)

"Sports Raza" – Exterior Mural on Event Hall - June 2018 - April 2019

Murals For Sale – Completed mural on panels Mural Expressions portable murals are all for sale or for rental display.  Sizes range from 8'x8' to 8'x20' in length

Mural Tours – Shuttle bus mural tours of all of 8-10 murals around Sacramento, painted by Wes Kos Images, PinkStreet Art, Normaste Art and ARTners Collaborative $50 per person and must be pre-scheduled

Apparel Items – Event theme T-shirts

Festivals & Fairs Local and able to travel to various locatons




02 -- Lit ARTners Box (The LAB) --

@ Lit Delhi

1129 11th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814


Fundraising and Outreach

This is a new fun event space for ARTners to welcome various Sacramento artists.  to attend and participate in one of our fun-to-do artistic challenges.  These events and proceeds will directly benefit ARTners Creative Programs.  For more information please go here.




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2770 Fruitridge Road

Sacramento, CA 95820

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